Rapid Spray Tan

Rapid Spray Tan

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Rapid spray tans make it super easy and fast! 1-3 hr process time and you can control the darkness of your tan. 

The night before appointment you need to make sure your shaved and exfoliated(soap).
The day of appointment try not to scrub and use soaps/ lotions.
After spray tan within the 1-3hr processing window you'll simply rinse off.

Absolutely no soaps or scrubbing.

Let the water rinse you( warm water)

After 24 hours your tan will be set and you can use soap etc like normal. 

Be sure to use lotion to keep your skin from drying out and cracking so your tan stays perfect.

Can last up to 3 weeks.

Additional info; How to get the most out of a spray tan:

  • Exfoliate 18-24 hours before the sunless session using a spa-grade exfoliator. Be sure to get shaving and pedicures out of the way during this time as well!
  • Shower at the recommended time. Showering prematurely or too late can affect the outcome
  • Hydrate your body-drink plenty of water and moisturize 1-2 times per day